"If my heart could do my thinking and my head begin to feel I would look upon the world unew and know whats truly real " - Van Morrison 


"Greta is a fantastic teacher! She included everyone and she made us feel at home. She was playful and she challenged you in a way that made you feel safe and brave. It felt as she had a clear vision of the purpose and goal with the retreat and our sessions. They were thoughtfully sequenced and organized. She also gave us a lot of her time to get to know us, it felt very genuine and real."

- Emma, Sweden 

"She is super professional, very knowledgeable and a humble person, I will come back!"  

- Dustin, USA

"This woman is a wonderful teacher, very wise and knowledgeable. Also very happy and welcoming to everybody. Good spirit to have around. The pace of the practice was just right and well adapted to everybody’s needs"

- Myrna, Holland













"She is really one of the best teacher I've experienced! I’ve enjoyed every single class that she gave! True spirit as a yoga teacher and human being with a big heart!

- Manon, France

"Going to this yoga retreat was the best decision of my life"

- Emma Highly, USA

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