"For those who have an intense urge for spirit and wisdom. It sits near them. Waiting."

- Patanjali Yoga Sutras


With this sacred guidance I´ve gotten I feel its my great service to pass it along, therefore I have this strong desire to share the teachings as a guide to bring your consciousness to life for the collective to rise.

Through out this whole planet I continue to learn how to live in a more connected way with myself, others and the earth we are guesting. From these learning curves of my yoga path I have been fusing together the teachings in a specific way to serve holistic health for all.

“Universe decided to birth you because it couldn't live without you.” I believe every life is important and that we all have a sacred gift to share with this world. I see yoga as a instrument that we can play to remember our true nature and live in harmony."

My journey with yoga has been evolving since I first stepped on the mat as a 14 year old competitive tennis player where the yoga class felt like a terrible experience but was probably exactly what was needed to soften my ego a bit. It took me a couple of years to integrate a regular practice, not until I got issues with my back after a car accident and was working hard I began to listen to what my body needed. It has and still are unfolding beautifully to a more living ritual that I use as a natural medicine to take care of my whole self physically, emotionally and spiritually. Instead of waiting for disease to come until I act, I´ve mindful been choosing to practice ease and treat my body as a temple to prevent injuries or disharmony to happen.



I was teaching yoga 2012 already on private yachts around on the Mediterranean sea, after interacting with the guest they encouraged me to continued teaching and I decided to leave my job, booked a flight to Costa Rica and two weeks after I did my first yoga teacher training. That training changes my life, it really showed me the hidden treasure seed inside of me and I finally nurtured it with loving presence. After the training I continued to be a dedicated yoga student as I travel, practice and taught it and the seed began to grow as I was aligned with my higher purpose. Yoga became my life. I decided to go back home as I began to listen to others rather than my truth, I got fooled and scared thinking that I needed a doctor license or something to seem professional so I started studying Physiotherapy in Uppsala University, Sweden. Those years I am greatful for today, but they where hard, as I felt that it was something I mostly did out of fear of not being enough or accepted. I didn't feel very inspired by the traditional education system and even though the studies was another tool for knowledge I felt that It was lacking holistic approaches and I began to feel disconnected with what was my true purpose. From the outside it looked that I had everything I wanted but within myself I felt lost. The only thing that really kept me going was my dear friends, practice and teaching yoga.

I was trying to convince myself the challenge to stay and live this proper lifestyle but I began to ask myself who it is I'm trying to prove and why that is. I understood that I was making myself small by “fitting in” and please others, therefore I decided to embark another journey and make the world my yoga studio.


When I closed one door,

the whole world opened up.

Yoga continued to be a path to experience my the essence of who I was and reminding me of what I am here to share. The yoga teachings has supported me to live in freedom, joy and creativity, and to live sustainably off the grid. I´ve been flexible and open minded in my teachings experience and that has been such a great gift for me to evolve as a person. It has helped me remain stable, authentic and loving in many different situations whether that is me teaching yoga for a tribe in the Amazon jungle, prisoners on Hawaii, lawyers in a big city, on a yacht on the ocean or in a yoga studio.


We are all humans and yoga is a practice for all.

I don´t teach postures, I teach people.



I truly believe that practicing yoga and mindfulness both on and especially off the mat is for everybody, and I am so honored to guide people to discover and explore their true way of their hearts. I aim to inspire and empower those around me and meet everyone where they are at, it could be through a hug, conversation or a class and from there together finding a sustainable way to incorporate the yoga lifestyle into their own life and supporting each other in a direction and tools to step into their thriving, healthy and loving state of empowerment.

I am a 400hrs RYT, yoga, massage and sound therapist teach. On the mat I teach the tradition of Alignment Hatha, inspired by the elements, nature and all of life that is within and around us. Incorporating Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Sound, Bhakti, Yoga massage, kirtan as I believe that all these different styles grows from the same seed of love and self recognition. Sequencing with deep care and inspiring themes my classes are known for it´s warm, intentionally and mindfully dynamic style that encourage everyone to safely expands in all our layers and touches the physical and subtle bodies.

Creating a safe space where we can play outside our comfort zone is where growth is present.

‍‍‍I lead international workshops, retreats and co-create teacher trainings with experienced and well educated teachers within the world of therapeutic and holistic yoga.  

If you will meet me while I am not teaching you will probably find me simply enjoying being alive, celebrating it by swimming in the ocean, dancing in the sun or eating chocolate with myself or community. 

The road I am on is wildly blossoming and I am beyond thankful for what life continue to teach me to become even more aligned with my service to this world. I hope this sharing gives you an inspiration to question your choices and explore the gift of this human being and beyond that you are and are not.

I send my joyful blessings that our path one day will meet on or off the mat so that we can grow from one another.


So much appreciation and respect to those who have moved me deeply and supported my foundation and creation in my teaching. You continue to touch my heart daily. Thank you. 

Marianne Wells

Anandra George

Sudhanshu Shamra

Publió Valle

Pavan Ji

Thomas Power

Maricela Inuma

Fransisco Vasquez Huayta

For many years I have been a curious student on the journey of yoga


At age of 18 I decided to leave my everyday life at home and dive deeper on my path of the yoga lifestyle. Since then I have had the privilege to meet, study and connect with incredible known and unknown teachers from all over the world.

Teachings from various countries, using their unique transformative tools from grown from their living situations or environments.

Passed on by these inspiring beings from native americans, shamans, doctors, gurus, yogis, children and simply human being meetings I have authentically interpreted all these experiences and the information given to me, its been landing in a place within my heart which I from there create my own style of teachings that feels passionate and real for me.

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